Drum Circle Seminars

Robert Moondragon

While in attendance at the first annual SONORAN SPRING TRIBAL STOMP take time to attened one of my DRUM CIRCLE SEMINARS ... start from the basics and go to leading and facilitating circles with 300 to 500 drummers, you can do it ... learn care and maintenance of your drum including the Mali weave for tightening the head ... with a focus on Jamaican Niabinga a style preformed as a communal meditative practice used to reach a higher state of spirituality in the true Rastafarian tradition ..... i have had the pleasure of drumming and studying with international drummers including Diekembe Mukamba at the Seattle Drum School and have been honored to lead circles of 300 to 500 drummers at the Okanogan Famly Faire, the Oregon Country Fair and others .... hope you can join in !!!!! Peace baby !!!!!

Drumming Sounds Phoenix

Drumming Sounds featuring Andrew Ecker is in the business of community and individual activation. We are here to help people and groups have fun and create an enviroenvironment where people can live a successful life.

Prayers, Drum Circle, Drum Making Workshop

Ohitika Girls

Drum Circle

Marcia Gibbons

Permaculture Classes

James “Chef”

Rock Cutting/ Polishing Lapidary Demos

Byington Sims

Galvanic Foot Bath Set up Aquatronics

Ashley Aurora

Peruvian and Yaqui Shamanic Lineages

Sonia Hickman

Plants of the Sonoran Desert Workshop

Angel Fernandez

Desert Medicinal Plant Teacher


Kyndle Kuchera: Kyndle Fire Yoga
Daniel Pelletier: Kundalini Yoga and Gong Baths
Erica Peterson: Yoga/Mediation