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Dirtwire is David Satori of Beats Antique, Evan Fraser of Bolo and Mark Reveley of Jed and Lucia.

Dirtwire sits on the front porch of Americana’s future, conjuring up a whirlwind of sound using traditional instrumentation, world percussion, soundscapes, and electronic beats. Comprised of David Satori (Beats Antique), Evan Fraser (Hamsa Lila; Bolo), and Mark Reveley (Jed and Lucia), each performance brings both band and audience to a mysterious crossroads of beats, blues, African, Asian, and South American sounds. The result is a rebirth of Americana and a post-millennial psychedelic journey to downhome goodness.

Liquid Bloom

Liquid Bloom is visionary music project providing soundracks for intentional expeditions of inner growth. Spearheaded by Amani Friend of Desert Dwellers, Liquid Bloom´s deep meditative styling is a vessel for clear and awakened vision.


Poranguí is a musician, healer, and creative, residing amidst the red rocks of Sedona, AZ. Steeped in music and ceremony since birth, Poranguí was raised between the lands and cultures of his native Brazil, Mexico, and the Southwestern United States. Carrying on his lineage, he offers uplifting music and deep transformational bodywork and sound healing designed to awaken the body, mind, and soul.

Zion I

Since the release of the debut album, Mind Over Matter in 2000, Zion I has risen up the ranks of independent hip-hop to solidify their standing as one of the most prolific conscious rap groups of the past 2 decades. Boasting a catalog that consists of over two-dozen albums, EPs, mixtapes and collaborations, Zion I (currently consisting solely of MC/producer Zumbi) continues to create inspired music influenced by social & political woes, personal challenges & triumphs as well as family, spirituality and a raw perspective on the world at large.

Cited by A.V. Club as “remarkable”, Zumbi continues to showcase his talents as a unique, diverse and skilled MC while maintaining his place as one of the most recognizable voices in Hip-Hop. The latest release, The Labyrinth was cited by PopMatters as “a timely new album of politically engaged hip-hop”. Fueled by his own personal losses as well as the current political and social climate of the world-at-large, Zumbi has created a record that, as the Huffington Post put it; “is as heartfelt as it is badass”.

Being one of the most energetic and engaging live acts out there, Zion I continues to bring the music to the masses at festivals, events and venues across the planet. With a sound and style that bends musical genres, Zion I is able to perform alongside a diverse range of artists ranging from rap, rock and reggae to jam band and EDM.


Melissa Reaves

Melissa Reaves is known to audiences throughout the US and Europe for her avant-garde, fire driven’, deconstructionist approach to rock-n-roll. Reaves has amassed a word-of-mouth following most notably for her experimental guitar work but also for her propensity towards spontaneity and seamless improvisation during live performance. She deconstructs the blues, pushes jazz to the outer limits and burns through rock-n-roll like the love child of Jerry Lee Lewis and the MC5. Most recently Melissa's, "New Rock Song" was placed on the 55th GRAMMY Awards nomination ballot for Best Rock Performance. Melissa Reaves is the real deal!


GidZillah represents an infusion of music, empowerment, soulfulness, and enthusiasm! Energy is his signature as he delivers realism backed with positive vibes...ONE LOVE = ONE SYNERGY!!!

Marty O'Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra

Just when you think American roots music should be relegated to the dusty confines of a purist’s museum it will surprise you with a paradigm shift. Take Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra— passing through tradition, the quartet stumbled upon innovation, proving that old souls can be creatively fresh.

The Santa Cruz, California-based quartet’s latest, Stereoscope, out February 9, 2018, marks an evolutionary leap in a journey of artistic identity, songwriting maturity, band friendship and fiery group synergy. Here, Marty O’Reilly & the Old Soul Orchestra homed in on their signature cosmic roots aesthetic, brimming with cinematic songcraft, impressionistic lyrics, clever arrangements, telepathic ensemble interplay, and soulfully world-weary vocals. Imagine the delta blues reprised by psychedelic indie rockers.

Brothers Gow


A Visual & soulful blend of rock, funk, Soulful, jams

Live music has evolved throughout every generation. From solo performances for royalty, to orchestrations for aristocracy, to street performers who starve to share their art, to rock bands that scream from the heart, incredible musicians have always been as socially revered as any other studied professionals. Brothers Gow displayed a level of musicianship almost forgotten in this generation at the Music Box in Downtown San Diego on Friday night. Categorized as a jam band with influences of rock, jazz, and soul, the unassuming quintet performed what seemed to be a 21st century symphony, featuring movements rather than tired and predictable verse-chorus interchanges. Funky riffs melded into deep groove syncopations, original hook lines over double-stops segued into soulful a cappella harmonies, and lead guitars supported each other rather than dueled. The group's love for their collective sound was inclusive, and shattered the indelible barrier between performer and spectator. A shared goal between live artists and audiences is to experience an unforced osmosis of energy, and since a moment is only as long as you hold it, live in the now when you see Brothers Gow.

Nina Storey

Singer/songwriter from Boulder, Colorado, Nina Storey, blends an eclectic sound of blues, rock, funk and pop. She has been compared to a diverse group of artists such as Janis Joplin, Chaka Kahn, Tori Amos, Whitney Houston and Billie Holiday.

Nina’s live performance is as riveting as it is honest, as she brings the listener with her on her journey of sound and emotion. She has opened for and toured with such captivating artists as Etta James, Earth Wind and Fire, Keb Mo’, Jonny Lang, Joan Osborne, and John Lee Hooker. Her performance is equally moving in both larger and smaller venues as was heard in The Lilith Fair, Woodstock ’99, The Montreal International Jazz Festival, The Monterey Blues Festival, The New Orleans Jazz Festival, and Red Rocks Amphitheater; as well as her solo piano acoustic performances at The High Sierra Festival, or on the live performance syndicated TV series, “Spotlight on Performing Songwriter.”

Her songs have been featured in both film and television. “If I Were An Angel” was featured on ABC’s hit TV show, “Alias.” “Left” was featured in Sony Pictures “Broken Heart’s Club”. Nina’s music has also appeared in the films, “Public/Private”, “Colfax-The Documentary”, and the Internet soap opera, “The City’s Edge.


(from Phoenix New Times) With all the music that's out there in this crazy world, any data beyond a band name and song title might seem superfluous. So give credit to local oddballs Fatigo for giving you even less information.

Pero los Chivos!! contains no band data, recording information or even a thanks to Jesus. You have to surf the Web ( just to find out what the song titles are. The album's selling through indie Web retailer CD Baby -- at least somebody told them what the titles were. 

Mike Montoya, John De La Cruz and Gill Guilia have the right idea, however. Singer Montoya's homely timbre recalls the monotonous John Flansburgh. Yet unlike They Might Be Giants, Montoya's humorous parables don't pack an obvious punch line. They're more like strange James Thurber drawings that leave odd impressions.... "Rite of Passage," the album's lead track, turns a venomous snake bite into a community celebration ("Suck out the poison, neighbor/The village dance/Somebody call an ambulance..."). "Only a Lost Squirrel" is a jazz waltz about a package containing a live squirrel mailed to the wrong address. As far as musical questions go, no one you know has presumably ever asked, "Who's selling squirrels on the Web?"

Auld Lang Syne

Hailing from Rochester, NY, Auld Lang Syne has built a reputation for crafting lyrically incisive songs, firmly rooted in the earth, yet backed by arrangements which are utterly transcendent. Timothy and Kathy Dick sing their hymns to impermanence and heartfelt pleas for authenticity while soaring instrumentation and intricate vocal harmonies weave and dart like a confluence of sparrows.

Out of the Blue

Jazz ~ Psychedelic ~ Funk ~ Blues

Local Bisbee Band


Rock out to RAWJam! This band page is extremely RAW! Do you like raw meat? Oh no, but I bet you like RAWJam!!!



El Trigo

Local Bisbee Latin Band

Keith Allen Dennis

Local Bisbee Musician


Danny Many Horses

Nationally recognized as an accomplished musician, Danny maintains his cultural roots through his Naive American music and stories.