Performers and Activity Leaders

Scheduled Musicians

Melissa Reaves

Coming out of North Carolina, Melissa's music includes many styles including rock, experimental, blues, and fantasy.

Liquid Bloom


Nina Storey

Brothers Gow

Zion I

More information will be provided about the above bands, and more bands will be added soon.





Here are some of our activity leaders:

Drum Circle Seminars

Robert Moondragon

While in attendance at the first annual SONORAN SPRING TRIBAL STOMP take time to attened one of my DRUM CIRCLE SEMINARS ... start from the basics and go to leading and facilitating circles with 300 to 500 drummers, you can do it ... learn care and maintenance of your drum including the Mali weave for tightening the head ... with a focus on Jamaican Niabinga a style preformed as a communal meditative practice used to reach a higher state of spirituality in the true Rastafarian tradition ..... i have had the pleasure of drumming and studying with international drummers including Diekembe Mukamba at the Seattle Drum School and have been honored to lead circles of 300 to 500 drummers at the Okanogan Famly Faire, the Oregon Country Fair and others .... hope you can join in !!!!! Peace baby !!!!!

Teaching and Instructing Yoga at Sonoran Tribal Stomp

Mahadeva is a seeker, devoted to the universal mission of awakening through spiritual practice. By grace he was able to spend the past three years living and studying with senior teachers of the Saraswati lineage in the Sivananda Yoga tradition. This immersion into Yoga as Life ingrained in him the teachings and ignited a deep passion to spread the practice of yoga. He has traveled and taught on the West Coast and throughout India and Vietnam helping people of all capacities learn the physical practices of Hatha Yoga (asana and pranayama) and the philosophy of yoga life through the four paths (Bhakti, Raja, Karma and Jnana Yogas). Mahadeva warmly invites you to join him and Hari Dasi during the festival for a chance to relax and re-energize your mind and body to reconnect with your True Self. Om Shanti

Hari Dasi is fueled by the search for higher purpose and spiritual truth. After several years of practicing and teaching contortion and circus arts, she discovered the Sivananda lineage of Yoga and became freshly inspired to spread the ancient wisdom of Self-knowledge with the world. Learning to practice Yoga as life, she shares the joy of Bhakti (devotion) through singing, chanting and teaching. Hari Dasi is excited for this communion of blessed souls on the journey of Divine Love!
Om Shanti.